Yankz! Eco Surelace


The Yankz! Eco Surelace elastic shoelace system has been designed to provide a comfortable, adjustable, time-saving alternative to the standard shoelace. And our Eco laces employ COOLMAX™ EcoMade™ fibers derived from recycled plastic bottles. Enjoy time-saving comfort, help out the planet, and never tie your shoes again!

Package Includes: 1 Pair of Eco Elastic Shoelaces, 2 Yankz! Locking Devices, and 2 Clips for additional adjustment near the toes.

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Product Description

Building upon our original Yankz! Surelace product, we searched for a path to do better as a company. Since 2007, we have produced COOLMAX™ EcoMade™ elastic laces, certifying our commitment to environmentally-friendly manufacturing. This technology gives new life to plastics once destined for landfills by melting them down and transforming them into fibers used in textiles.


Yankz! laces are assembled and packaged in the USAIn addition to crafting high-quality no tie laces, Yankz! is also committed to doing it right. We support a diverse workforce in Atlanta, Georgia by hiring people with disabilities and paying a fair, living wage. Every pair of Surelaces is assembled in the USA with eco-friendly materials that repurpose consumer plastic water bottles. We are proud to do our part by transforming landfill waste into must-have performance gear.