Yankz! Reflective Surelace


The Yankz! Reflective Surelace elastic shoelace system has been designed to provide a comfortable, adjustable, time-saving alternative to the standard shoelace. Replacing your laces with Yankz! Reflective will make things easier in life’s busy moments. Enjoy time-saving comfort, and never tie your shoes again!

Package Includes: 1 Pair of 3M Scotchlite™ Reflective Elastic Shoelaces, 2 Yankz! Locking Devices, and 2 Clips for additional adjustment near the toes.

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Product Description

Altra running shoes with reflective black Yankz! elastic laces

Boost your performance and don’t let anything hold you back. The Yankz! Surelace No Tie Shoelaces were invented in 1998 to help runners, hikers, triathletes, and everyday athletes perform at the highest level.

Unlike other no tie laces, the Surelace system can be adjusted at the ankle and toe for ergonomic pressure and support. Fine-tune your perfect running shoe to help prevent injuries and never waste time on the sidelines tying your laces again. The elastic shoelaces lock into place with durable clamps at the top and bottom, so your shoes will fit exactly the same way every time you slip them on. With Yankz! Surelaces, you won’t have any surprise fit issues on race day!

Now you can turn any pair of shoes into slip-ons. Yankz! has been a proud supplier and official partner of USA Triathlon for 15 years. With Surelaces, triathletes can make the transition between events faster and with less wasted energy.

The no tie elastic laces easily flex and stretch as you slide your foot inside, but they also deliver firm, comfortable pressure for a secure fit. Feet naturally swell and shrink throughout the day, and this change can be dramatic during a run, hike, long walk, or cardio session. Yankz! elastic shoe laces stretch and move with your feet to help prevent blisters, bruising, and rolled ankles. No matter how you move, Yankz! Surelaces help you find your footing.

Yankz! laces are assembled and packaged in the USAIn addition to crafting high-quality no tie laces, Yankz! is also committed to doing it right. We support a diverse workforce in Atlanta, Georgia by hiring people with disabilities and paying a fair, living wage. Every pair of Surelaces is assembled in the USA with eco-friendly materials that repurpose consumer plastic water bottles. We are proud to do our part by transforming landfill waste into must-have performance gear.